1. How Long has Dark Age Comics been in business?
  2. Why switch to Dark Age?
  3. New Comics / Pull List, How does it work?
  4. Free delivery!
  5. Shipping
  6. What do you sell?
  7. How & When do I pay?
  8. Returns

1) How long has Dark Age Comics been in business?

Your one stop Comic Book / Manga / Trade Paperbacks / Internet Store! (est. 1988)

2) Why switch to Dark Age?

Over the years I have spoken with my customers after they switched over to subscription to find out what the biggest hurdle was. Some were unsure if it was a legit deal. Some preferred going to the comic book shops each week to see the new titles, while others simply feared change.
We all want to save money, and with comic prices still increasing, every little bit helps. For those of you who are a bit leery, try beginning with a few titles. I encourage my customers to continue to visit the comic shops each week and see what some of the newer books are like before you commit them to your subscription. If you are looking for the newest information, visit Previews Online or visit the comic book companies on the web using our link page.

3) New Comics / Pull List, How does it work?

Tell us which titles you want and we will make certain that you get them every month. That way, you never miss an issue. Your comic books are reserved with us, as through a subscription. There is no annual commitment like a true subscription.  You can add or delete titles as you want. If you cancel a title you will receive 1-2 final issues as you are always ordering 2 months in advance.

4) Free delivery!

Delivery to the Ottawa-Gatineau area is free. Delivery is every second Sunday (check our Event calendar for details). We will call or e-mail you to confirm that you are available. If that is not convenient, we will make other arrangements.

5) Shipping

Shopping Cart – Orders placed through the shopping cart will be shipped 2-3 days after checkout to allow time for packing and weekends. We cannot combine shipping on different orders as shipping charges are applied to each order at time of check out.

New Comics Pull List – Is determined based upon what your shipping frequency is, either every 2, 4, 6, 8 weeks or every $25, $50, $75, $100. We are willing to set up shipping based on your preferences. We will then send you either a Paypal invoice or for our Canadian customers, you also have the choice of an emailed invoice which you can pay via Email Money Transfer.  We can also do VISA and charge your card the day we ship out your books. Once Payment is made books will be sent and  we will advice you by email that they are in transit. The less often you ship, the more you save in shipping costs.

Special Orders/Requests – received via email will be shipped out after payment received after we have received order from our supplier which can take 2-3 weeks.

We ship via Canada Post using Expedited Service in North America and Surface Parcel for International which all include insurance for both our protection, which covers loss or damages.

6) What do you sell?

Basically, if you can buy it at a comic book store in town, we sell it too. We carry bags and boards, as well as boxes. We sell T-shirts, games, cards, statues, magazines. We can order anything that is listed in the Previews catalogue (Previews Online).
All our books are brand new, near mint, and are first prints unless of course you ordered 2nd & 3rd print
Any items from the Previews, that you pre-order will only be charged upon shipping. A small security deposit may be required, based on size of item ordered. Once you place an order,  it is locked in as we are locked in with our supplier, so we ask that all orders placed be honored to ensure we are not stuck with product so that we can continue to offer these great discounts.

7) How & When do I pay?

Unlike a subscription, you don’t pay in advance. You pay on delivery.
We accept the following forms of payment for our online orders Visa, PayPal and email money transfers from Canadian customers.
For our local orders we also accept cash or cheque (OAC) at time of delivery.
All prices are listed in US Dollars.

8) Returns

There are, in our opinion, no reasons for returns (unless of course the wrong item was shipped).  This was something you requested and have paid for.  If there are damages due to shipping please contact us so we can work with the Canadian Post Office in order to get a claim opened up so we can get reimbursed and be able to resend you any replacement items, so we can get you what you wanted as fast as possible.  If the item cannot be replaced, you will be refunded.  If you have any additional questions on this matter please feel free to contact us via email before purchasing any items as we want to ensure you have the best experience with us.