Darkage Comics has access to all comics and cards supplies. If you are looking for something and don’t see it listed here, please e-mail us and we will get you a price and availability.Below are a few of the more common requests we receive:



Comic Book Supplies
Regular items we have access to

(Prices are in US before tax)



100 Ultra Pro Bags (size Current, Regular, Silver, Golden                    $5.25
100 Ultra Pro Bags (size Magazine                                                       $5.75

100 Ultra Pro Resealable Bag (size Current,Regular,Silver & Gold)    $6.99
100 Ultra Pro Resealable Bag (size Gold)                                            $6.99

100 Ultra Pro Resealable Bags (size Magazine)                                  $7.49

100 BCW Resealable Bags (size Current, Silver, Golden)                  $6.99
100 Comicare Polypropylene 2 mil Bags (size Current, Silver,)          $6.49
100 Comicare Polypropylene 2 mil Bags (size Golden)                       $6.99

100 Comicare Polyethylene 2 mil Bags (size Magazine)                     $7.75

100 Comicare Polyethylene 3 mil Bags (size Current, Silver)             $6.49
100 Comicare Polyethylene 3 mil Bags (size Golden)                         $6.25

100 Comicare Polyethylene 3 mil Bags (Magazine)                             $6.99

100 Gerber Mylites + (size Current & Standard)                                 $16.99

50 Gerber Mylites 2 (size Current, Standard, Silver/Gold)                  $14.25

50 Gerber Mylites 2 (size Golden)                                                       $14.99

50 Gerber Mylites 2 (size Magazine)                                                   $18.49

50 Gerber Mylites 4 (size Current, Standard)                                      $19.99

50 Gerber Mylites 4 (size Silver/Gold )                                                $18.49
50 Gerber Mylites 4 (size Golden)                                                       $21.99

50 Gerber Mylites 4 (size Magazine)                                                   $28.99

50 Gerber Archives (size Current, Standard)                                      $19.99

50 Gerber Archives (size Silver/Gold)                                                 $20.99

50 Gerber Archives (size Gold)                                                           $21.99

50 Gerber Archives (size Magazine)                                                   $28.99



100 Boards Bulk     (size Current, Regular & Silver)                             $4.99

100 BCW Boards (size Current, Silver)                                               $8.99

100 BCW Boards (size Golden)                                                           $9.49
100 BCW Boards (size Magazine)                                                     $10.75
100 Comicare Boards (size Current, Silver)                                         $7.49

50 Comicare Boards (size Golden, Magazine)                                     $5.75

100 Gerber Half Backs (size Current, Standard, Silver/Gold)             $10.99
100 Gerber Half Backs (size Golden)                                                  $11.99

100 Gerber Half Backs (size Magazine)                                              $14.50

50 Gerber Full Backs (size Current, Standard,Silver/Gold)                $11.75
50 Gerber Full Backs (size Golden)                                                    $12.99

50 Gerber Full Backs (size Magazine)                                                $14.99



Small Box                                                                                               $4.49

CCG Small Comic Box                                                                          $7.49

Long Box                                                                                                $4.99

Magazine Box                                                                                         $4.49

CCG Magazine Box                                                                               $7.49

Manga Box                                                                                             $4.99
BCW Small Box Drawer House (allows you to stack boxes)               $5.99
BCW Long Box Drawer House (allows you to stack boxes)                $6.99



Comic Dividers (1)                                                                                 $0.70
Comic Dividers (25)      (Bulk or Ultrapro)                                           $13.99

BCW Comic Book Showcase (Frame) size (Current & Silver)           $6.25

Ultra Pro Thick Comic Toploader (10 pack)                                         $12.99
Ultra Pro Thick Magazine Toploader (10 pack)                                    $14.99

1) Check Out our inventory in our ONLINE SHOPPING CART to see what you can order and have shipped right away. We will be adding inventory each week so keep coming back to see if we finally got that hard to find item you were looking for.

We do both mail order and free local delivery

2)You can e-mail us at a list of the items you want if it is not available in our shopping cart.  We will e-mail back the prices on the items you selected & estimated shipping cost. Small security deposit (will issue via gift certificate) may be requested in advance on large orders.

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We would then add the items to Our Shopping Cart once we received the items in, so you can official purchase them at that time less your deposit already provided.  It takes about 3-4 weeks to order these items in from our supplier.

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 All prices are in US dollars before applicable taxes