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Some of our clients have been on subscription with Dark Age Comics for over 10 to 20 years and have the following to say:

“How convenient it is to have all your comics delivered to your door! These guys are really ‘on the ball’ – Never late with a delivery and great communications. We still visit the comic shops, but for subscriptions and orders from Previews, nothing beats Dark Age!”     – Jenny Grant, customer since 2003

“You’ll never meet a nicer bunch of people. And the discounts are great! Very dependable, and they always know what I want – sometimes before I do.”   – Chris Burgesse, customer since 2002

“Practical and efficient, you get it fast and you get it good. Pretty damn impressive.”  – Michel Fillion, customer since 2000

“I’ve been getting my comics from Mike for years and I would never go back.” – Jeff Goulden, customer since 2002

“What a great way to get your books.  To your door with a generous discount.  I still go down to the comic shop once in a while to see what’s out, but I no longer miss any issues because of limited stock at the comic shop or not being able to get there promptly on Wednesday, etc… ”  – Carlos Azevedo, customer since 1996

Our customers can answer your questions, and assure you that the deal is real; you can receive the books you pay for, and not have the fear of missing anymore issues by not getting into the stores on time.